Dear Karina,

Thank-you so much for the work you did with the client I referred to you, and I’m thankful to learn that she worked hard as well. Your report was so helpful and encouraging, and I hope we can refer more people to you in the future.

Wishing you God’s very best

I have worked with Katrina in the past and I appreciate the service she provided to our mutual client. Katrina is empathetic and cares about her clients.

Through deep seated compassion, Deborah Barrena provides a safe place for clients to explore their lives, develop new strengths, and process life’s struggles. As a professional in the field, I highly recommend her services.

I know Deborah professionally and highly respect her. She is compassionate, effective, and easy to connect with. She is an empathic listener and people immediately feel at ease with her because of her warm and accepting approach. If you are looking to make real changes in your life, Deborah would be a great therapist for you. Give her a call today!

I’ve worked alongside Nathan for many years. I’m consistently impressed with his professionalism and efforts made to stay up to date on best-practices. Nathan has a presence that is calming and supportive. He has the ability to sit with people in their deepest struggles and help them through it. I highly recommend him as a therapist.